NEC Mega Auction - Sunday 8/21

Auction gavel

Registration begins at 8:30 AM.

Auction begins at Noon

Bidder Card: $2.00

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Lots expected to be available are posted below and you can also post on our Facebook event page at:

All lists sent to Barbara and/or posted on FB event page by Saturday, 8/20 at 6 PM will be combined and post here.

Sunday Mega Auction Expected Lots

Last update: Saturday, August 20 @ 7:30 PM…

Remember to refresh the webpage to get the latest update.


-Koi Angels

-Apistogramma Cacatouides Triple Red Pairs

-Betta Smargdina Pairs

-Aphyosemion Campomanaanse ABK 181 Pair

-Austrolebias Nigripinnis Paysandu Pairs

-Fundlopanchax Sjoestedti/Blue Gularis Niger Delta Pairs

-Nemotelibias Papilliferus Inoa Pairs

-Odessa Barbs

-Glowlight Danio Celestichthys Choprea

-Russian Red Lace Guppies

-Jewel Cichlids, wild caught in Florida

-Geophagus Winemilleri (one)

-Astatotilapia latifasciata fry

-Aulanocranus dewindti adult

-Otopharynx lithobates Zimbabwe rock fry

-Cynotilapia zebroides  (afra) "cobue" pair

-Cleithracara maronii young

-Festifum young

-Steatocranus tinanti adult female

-Astatotilapia burtoni fry

-Microgeophagus altispinosa adults

-Hemichromis lifalilli adults

- Australoheros sp "red ceibal" adult

-Geophagus steindachneri fry

-Geophagus peligrini fry

-Neolamprologus pulcher "daffodils"

-Epiplatys sexfaciatis young

-Pelvicachromis pulcher, Albino

-Haplochromis lividus adults,

-Haplochromis lividus fry,

-Paralabidochromis chromogynos adults,

-Ptyochromis sp. Salmon Hippo Point fry,

-Pundamilia macrocephala fry,

-Haplochromis sp. 44 adults,

-Haplochromis sp. 44 fry,

-Pundamilia sp. Red Flank adults,

-Cryptoheros myrnae fry,

-Cryptoheros sajica big male,

-Cryptoheros sajica fry,

-2 Tiger Botia

-NeoLamp Leleupi - Breeding group

-Neolamp Brichardi - Breeding Group

-Labidochromis Caeruleus - Breeding Group

-Placidochromis Phenchilus - Show Male

-Pseudotropheus Saulosi - Group of 4 or 5

-Pseudotropheus Saulosi Coral Red group of 4 or 5

-Aulonocara Lwanda - show male

-Filamentosus Puntius Barb - Large group 5 fish 4 to 5 inches each (1m4f)

-Epalzeorhynchos Frenatum - Rainbow shark

-Epalzeorhynchos Bicolor - Red Tail Shark

-Julidochromis Marlieri Brundi

-Pundamilia Nyererei group

-Synodontis Multipuncatis (3 bags of 2)

-Syndodontis Lucipinnis 2

-Otopharynx Tetta Stigma - Show male

-Tropheus Orange Flame - female

-Altolamproglogus Calvus Black

-Psuedo Flavus Chinyankwazi

-Protomelas Taeniolatus Red Empress

-Haplochromis SP44 2 show males

-Otopharynx Lithobates

-Sulferhead Hap – male

-Brachyrhaphis  Roseni

-Neo Multifaciatus

-Oryzias Woworae (Daisy Rice Fish)

-Apisto Macmasteri

-Marmorkrebs Self Cloning Crayfish

-Cleithracara Maronii fry


-Jungle Val

-Guppy Grass




-Anubias Nana

NEC Summer Auction 2016

New Venue: Earthplace in Westport, CT.  

See flyers below for more info.

Download:  Flyer          Directions to: Earthplace

Download: Vendor Form


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Betty Mueller Award: Nancy Villars/Hallgring

The 2016 Betty Mueller Memorial Award Recipient: Nancy Villars/Hallgring

nancy new

Nancy celebrated with the following Betty Mueller recipients at the NEC convention banquet: Penny Faul, Lee Finley, Tony Terciera, Janine & David Banks, Joe Masi, Linda & David Giza, Bill Cole, Claudia Dickinson, Leslie Dick and Richard Pierce.  More banquet photos can be found on NEC Facebook:

Our 41st Annual Convention

Convention preparations are in full swing!  Go to the NEC Convention Home Page for the latest information.  

NEC Constitution

Until such time as we are able to place the NEC constitution on its own page, it will appear here for all to view:


The Northeast Council of Aquarium Societies. Incorporated - Constitution




Be it known, That we, the subscribers, do hereby associate ourselves as a body politic and corporate, pursuant to the statute laws of the State of Connecticut regulating the formation and organization of corporations without capital stock, and the following are our articles of association:

     ARTICLE 1. The name of said corporation shall be the NORTHEAST

                 COUNCIL OF AQUARIUM SOCIETIES, Incorporated.

     ARTICLE 2. The purposes for which said corporation is

                 formed are the following, to wit:

           a. To assist local aquarium groups, members

             of the Council, to obtain program material;

  1. To facilitate exchange of information among member groups;
  2. To set up standards of judging Tropical Fish, and to train personnel to become qualified judges;
  3. To establish and maintain a clearing house of sources of available material relating to the Tropical fish Hobby;
  4. To assist in the organization of new groups, or the reactivation of existing groups, where requested;
  5. To promote the Tropical Fish Hobby in general, and to urge local groups to obtain all possible publicity concerning their activities.
  6. Any regularly organized aquarium society may apply for membership and upon a two-thirds (2/3) majority acceptance of the Board of Governors and the current dues, shall become a member; and shall remain a member upon payment of dues yearly.
  7. Dues for each coming year shall be determined by the needs of the Council, and shall be recommended by the Board of Governors to the Council at the meeting of the Council help in March of each year, and be voted upon at each annual meeting of the council.
  8. Any group which joins the Council on or Before September 30, 1956, shall be exempt from payment of the entrance fee. These Societies shall be considered Charter Members.
  9. Any Charter member who resigns from the Council shall be considered a Charter member inactive. Any Charter Member inactive or Member Club inactive can return to an active status only by a vote of the Board of Governors, and payment of an entrance fee and current dues.
  10. Dues shall be paid annually, and any member more than three months in arrears shall be considered as not in good standing.
  11. Each member society shall select a Delegate to the Council and an Alternate, at least one of whom shall attend the meetings of the Council
  12. Voting power at all council meetings shall be limited to members of the Board of Governors and the Delegate or Alternate of each Member Society.
  13. The Chairman of the meeting shall cast the deciding vote in case of a tie.
  14. The officers of this Council shall be a President, a Vice President, a Recording Secretary, a Corresponding Secretary, and Treasurer. The immediate Past President shall remain a member of the Board of Governors.
  15. The Board of governors shall consist of five (5) officers, the immediate past President, six (6) members at large, and the chairman of all standing committees. The five officers and six members at large shall be elected at an Annual meeting for the period of two years.
  16. Any vacancy on the Board of Governors shall be filled by the Board.
  17. Two consecutive absences on the part of any Board member without sufficient reason and without notice to the President, shall automatically cancel membership on the Board.
  18. Two meeting previous to the Annual Meeting, a nominating committee of five (5) shall be elected and shall prepare a ballot for the officers and members at large of the Board of Governors, and their report shall accompany the call for the Annual Meeting.
  19. Additional nominees for any of these offices may be made from the floor at the annual meeting.
  20. The Council shall meet quarterly. The last meeting year shall be the Annual Meeting and the biennial election and installation of officers.
  21. Special meetings may be called by the President and shall be called upon by two thirds (2/3) vote of the Board of Governors.
  22. A quorum at any meeting of the Board of Governors shall be seven board members, at least 5 must be executive committee members. At any meeting of the Council a quorum shall be forty (40) percent of the members of the council in good standing.
  23. Each incoming Board of Governors shall audit the books of the Treasurer the preceding 2 years.
    1. The President shall direct this Council and:
    2. Preside at all meetings.
    3. Appoint any special committees .
    4. Call any and all special meetings as deemed necessary.
    5. Decide all points of order under Constitution and By- Laws.The Board of Governors shall carry out all matters voted at any meeting of the Council; make necessary decisions between meetings of the council, and transact other such business as may be necessary.
      1. The Vice President shall:
      2. Assume all duties of the top officer upon the absence of the President.
      3. Be an active aide to the President at all times.
      4. * Shall assume the general liaison of any convention, or workshop sponsor by the Council, between the committees and the Council.
      5. * Shall make all reports concerning said affairs to the President and to the Council and/or Board of Governors.
      6. * Shall be responsible for turning over of all monies on a timely basis to the Treasurer of the Council.
        1. The Recording Secretary shall keep a true and accurate         report of the meetings, reading same at succeeding meetings.
        2. The Corresponding Secretary shall carry on all correspondence required and notify all members of regular and special meetings, as directed by the Board of Governors.
          1. The Treasurer shall:
            1. Collect all dues and other monies payable to this Council.
            2. Pay out such monies owed by this council in accordance with the direction of the Board of governors, receiving such receipts as necessary for the protection and proper records this office.
            3. Be present at each meeting of the Council and report its financial standing to date, and to attend to such other matters as the President of the Council shall direct.
    6. a.There shall be the following Standing Committees: Committee on Constitution and by Laws; Committee on Program; Committee on Judging and Standards; Committee on Organization; Committee on Public Relations; Committee on Shows; Committee on Planning; Committee on Legislation; Committee on Raffle; Committee on Competitive Events; Committee on Workshop; Webmaster.
    7. The Chairman and Committee members shall be appointed by the President for a period of 1 year and approved by the Board of Governors, after appointment. Removal from office for just cause (as provided elsewhere) shall be done by the President and only after approval by the Board of Governors. A simple majority of those present shall be required for removal. The individual shall be notified by the President that this action is being taken at the next board meeting. The individual will be given an opportunity to present an explanation in their defense.                
      1. The Committee on Constitution and By-Laws shall draw up and submit to the Council a suggested constitution and By-Laws, shall receive from any member any suggested changes and recommend to the Council any changes which, in their opinion, will increase the effectiveness of the activities of the Council.
      2. The Committee on Program shall collect information on all types of program material and make same available to all member societies.
      3. The Committee on Judging and Standards shall set up standards for judging tropical fish and shall supervise the training of personnel to become competent judges.
      4. The Committee on Organization shall assist in the organization of new groups or the reactivation of existing groups, where requested.
      5. The Committee on Public Relations shall promote the tropical fish hobby in general and urge local groups to obtain all possible publicity concerning their activities; and shall act as liaison between the Board of Governors and local societies.
      6. The Committee on Planning shall plan and arrange programs for council meetings subject to the approval of the Board of Governors.
      7. The Committee on Legislation shall keep abreast of Federal bills and regulations on fish and wildlife as well as those in Council areas (i.e., Connecticut, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, New Hampshire, etc.) Alert Council Delegates to pending harmful laws and regulations. Represent Northeast Council before regulatory agencies.
      8. The Committee on Competitive Events shall be the adviser to the Board on all competitive events sponsored by the Northeast Council and their services can be made available upon request to all member clubs.
      9. Committee on Raffle:
        1. Will obtain items to be raffled off (will be paid for by the Council).
        2. Conduct the raffle.
        3. Fund raising for the Council, as needed.
        4. This committee shall be responsible for any convention or workshop, its organizing, its conduct, the invitation of guests and speakers or lecturers, and the fund-raising and cash turnover to the treasurer.
        5. The location of these affairs are subject to the approval of the Board of Governors.
        6. Copies of all notices must be sent to the Secretary of the Council.
        7. Amendments to this Constitution and By-Laws may be made by a two thirds (2/3) vote of the Council present at any regular meeting, provided written notice of the proposed amendment is presented to each member society at least forty five (45) days prior to the date of the meeting at which such amendment is to be voted.
        8. Nothing in the Constitution and By-Laws of the Northeast Council shall in any way negate any part of the Constitution of the United States Government.
        9. In the event of dissolution of the Society, all properties and monies of the society shall be donated to a non-profit organization; such nonprofit organization being one that is recognized as such by the Internal Revenue Service of the United States of America.
        10. The Corporate Agent of the Northeast Council of Aquarium Societies, Inc. shall be a voting member of the Board of Governors.
        11. * Only duly authorized delegates can vote in elections.
        12. * It is not necessary to be a delegate, but a member must be present to be nominated. (Question on a letter of intent)    

     ARTICLE 3. The said corporation is located in the town of

                 Wethersfield, Conn. And its principal office at No.

                 254 Wella Road, and the agent upon whom process

                 against it may be served is Clyde Jasmin.

                  Dated at Hartford, Conn. this 13th day of September,




The Northeast Council of Aquarium Societies. Incorporated – By-Laws








K.* Committee on Convention or Workshop:


* Amendments made prior to August 25,1985.

G. The President of the NEC can call for a vote of the

BOG’s on a motion using the Internet. This procedure

should be reserved for situations where:

1. Assembling of the BOG’s would be impractical due to

     inclement weather or holiday considerations


2. A deadline exists limiting the decision lead-time.

a.   The BOG’s must be copied on all responses.

b.   Responses are limited to the current BOG’s.

c.   There must be a quorum as defined by the NEC


d.   The president will attempt a second method of contact      

     if a response is not received from each Member of the

     BOG’s, in a reasonable amount of time.

H. An Individual can only represent one club for the purpose

of quorum and voting; representation is to be stated at


I. Executive Committee; Defined as elected officers and



J. Sliding Quorum Scale (for General Meetings); If a club

doesn’t send representation to at least 2 consecutive

meetings, they will be temporarily removed from the quorum

count. They must then attend 2 meetings within a calendar

year or 2 consecutive meetings to be reinstated in the

quorum count.



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