All About the Convention


The Northeast Council of Aquarium Societies was established in 1956 to assist and strengthen member societies, to act as a clearing house for material relating to the aquarium hobby, to assist local societies in publicizing their events and to promote the aquarium hobby in general.  These goals remain as important now as they were then.  New regulations are continuously being imposed and the computer age offers so many alternatives – both tremendous challenges to the tropical fishkeeping hobby.  The NEC continues to promote education and comradery gained by sharing experiences and participating in other clubs’ activities.  Communication is still the key.

In 1976 the NEC hosted its first “Weekend Workshop” which was designed to teach hobbyists about new fishkeeping techniques, new fish available, the importance of conservation and assist the hobbyist with their fishkeeping goals.  Over 30 years later the convention still holds to these ideals and provides speakers from across the United States and the world, meetings of specialty groups in the hobby, a Vendor Room, manufacturers’ representatives, a giant auction of live plants and fish and endless networking possibilities to further your fishkeeping experience.

The NEC’s Annual Convention is an opportunity to gather knowledge related to our hobby, meet that special speaker, mingle with long-time hobbyists and share your experiences with newcomers in the hobby.  We encourage everyone to expand your knowledge and socialize with the friendly group who appear year after year; this is an educational and social weekend open to all and we invite you to come experience the NEC’s Annual Convention this year!
Historically, the NEC has accepted membership from aquarium societies in the northeast area of the US; due to a recent change to our constitution, any club within the US and abroad can become a member of the NEC.

If you or your aquarium club is interested in learning more about the council, please feel free to contact any board member or visit our web site at

The following 31 clubs are members of the NEC:
If you belong to any of these clubs, then you are a member of the NEC!
Aquarium Club of Lancaster County
Boston Aquarium Society
Boston Guppy Club
Brooklyn Aquarium Society
Central New York Aquarium Society
Cichlid Club of York
Connecticut Aquatic Plant Enthusiasts
Connecticut Betta Club
Danbury Area Aquarium Society
Greater City Aquarium Society
Greater Hartford Aquarium Society
Jersey Shore Aquarium Society
Koi Organisation International
Long Island Aquarium Society
Long Island Killifish Association
Metropolitan Area Killifish Assocation
Nassau County Aquarium Society
New England Cichlid Association
New Hampshire Aquarium Society
Northeast Livebearers Association
North Jersey Aquarium Society
Norwalk Aquarium Society
Otter Valley Aquarium Society
Pioneer Valley Aquarium Society
South Jersey Guppy Group
Pioneer Valley Water Garden & Koi Club
Southern New England Killifish Association
Tropical Fish Club of Burlington
Tropical Fish Society of Rhode Island
Upstate New York Killifish Association
Worcester Aquarium Society