Nano Tank Aquascaping Contest Rules

NEC Convention Nano Tank Aquascaping Contest Rules


1. Contestants must be registered for the convention.
2. There is a $5 entry fee, payable at registration. E-mail NECConventionChair at to register your entry.
3. Aquarium can be no larger than 12 x 12 footprint.
4. Must contain plants and animals appropriate for the tank.
5. Setup can begin 10 AM Friday, must be completed by 5 PM Saturday.
6 .Judging will take place between 5 and 8 pm and the winner announced after the Saturday banquet.
7  Space is limited to first 10 contestants to sign up.
8. Power and water will be provided (plan to dechlorinate/treat water before using).
9. Contestants will provide tank, lighting, filtration, and all contents.
10. Tanks may be removed after the awards ceremony if you aren’t staying for the Sunday auction, and must be removed by 5pm on Sunday.

Nanotank Aquascaping Judging Criteria available as a download.