NEC Lending Library

All the DVD and Video Tape presentations below are available to any Northeast Council of Aquarium Societies member club to use as a meeting program.* Our DVD Library includes professionally filmed and recorded Speaker Presentations from our 2003-present Annual Conventions. Our Video Tape Library has a host of classic videos from the 80’s through the 90’s, as well as professionally filmed and recorded NEC Convention presentations from our 2003 Convention.

NOTE: As with all recorded media in the modern age, the more current the year = the better the video quality and sound.

Please make requests as far in advance as possible to allow for scheduling and regular mail delivery. The NEC club requesting the program is responsible for actual shipping charges in both directions. Failure to return the program will result in a $50 replacement charge. Please return programs within 14 days after the scheduled meeting. Send a FB message to program chair, David Banks at or contact your club’s NEC rep to coordinate.

* (Any other use should be discussed with the NEC slide and video chairman prior to the request.)

NEC DVD Library:

2015 NEC Convention seminars ( app. 1 hr each ):
Shane Linder – Exploring the natural habitats of Loricariidae
Shane Linder – Collecting Uganda
Brian Perkins – Killifishes of the Madre de Dios Peru
Brian Perkins – Peruvian Biodiversity: the Flora and Fauna of the Madre de Dios
Brian Perkins – Tropic Beauty: Dart frogs of the forest of Peru and Beyond
Mike Hellweg – The Great Tetra Renaissance
Mike Hellweg – Miniature Cyprinids
Mike Hellweg – Working with the Livebearing Halfbeaks
Mark Denaro – Nano Aquariums 101
Mark Denaro – The Namesakes
Ariel Bornsteind – Uruguay: Hot and Cold
Ariel Bornsteind – Gabon: Boumango or Bust

2014 NEC Convention seminars ( app. 1 hr each ):
Rick Borsetein - Spawning Cichlids
Rick Borsetein- 60 Tips
Rick Borsetein- Digital Imaging
Ted Coletti -Xiphophorus
Ted Coletti -Water Gardens
Ted Coletti -Wild Livebearers
Ted Coletti -Montezuma swordtail
Ken McKeighen -Evolution of Fish
Ken McKeighen -Pupfish
Ken McKeighen -Geology/Paleontology of Abo Pass, NM
Matt Pedersen -Aquarium Ark
Matt Pedersen -Marine Fishrooms
Roxanne Smolowitz - Anatomy/Physiology FW Fish
Mark Soberman -African Catfish
Mark Soberman -Cory/Aspidoras/Brochis
Kris Weinold -NA native plants
Kris Weinold -Aquascaping

2013 NEC Convention seminars ( app. 1 hr each ):
Andre Carletto- "Killifish - The Little Known Jewels of the Hobby
Andre Carletto -"Brazilian Annual Killifish - Ecology and Conservation Status"
Charles Clapsaddle- “American Gambusia”
Charles Clapsaddle -“Hatchery Operation”
Charles Clapsaddle- “Raising Show Quality Fish”
Mark Denaro - "Fishes for the Reef Aquarium "
Mark Denaro - "Wild Bettas and Other Labryinth Fish"
Todd Gardner -"Gems of New York: Collecting Your Own Marine Fishes in LongIsland Waters"
Todd Gardner- “Carnivorous Plants: Ecology and Propagation”
Lee Finley-“Foods and Feeding of Loricariidae catfishes”
Rachel O’Leary - "Freshwater Invertabrates, a Primer"
Rachel O’Leary - "Freshwater Nano Diversity: More Than Just a Small Tank “
Rich Pierce -“Filtration – Making a DeBruyn Filter and a Working Mattenfilter Demo"
Greg Steeves -"Lake Victoria CARES"
Amanda Wenger - “Nano Planted Tank Workshop”

2012 NEC Convention seminars ( app. 1 hr each ):
Hans-Georg Evers- Sulawesi
Hans-Georg Evers- Rio Xingu
Spencer Jack - Bolivia
Spencer Jack - Urugauy
Klaus Steinhaus – C.A.R.E.S.
Klaus Steinhaus - Tropheus
Patrick Donston – Healthy Fish
Ken Normandin - Panama
Ken Normandin - Rivulus
Scott Fellman – nano tanks
Scott Fellman - Biotope
Scott Fellman – Workshop, Saltwater
Rhonda Wilson – Easy Plants
Rhonda Wilson – Native Plants
Tony Terceira- Workshop, Photography

2009 NEC Convention seminars ( app. 1 hr each ):
Bruce Turner – Pupfish
Justin Credabel – Coral Propogation
Rusty Wessel – Thorichthys
Stephan Tanner – Loricarid Nutrition
Wolfgang Staeck – Charachins
Wolfgang Staeck – Tropheus
Ghazanfar Ghori – Cryptocorynes
Karen Randall – Collecting in Thailand
Les Kaufman – Conservation
Ole Pedersen – The Algae-free aquarium
Ole Pedersen – Uptake of CO2 by plants

2008 NEC Convention seminars ( app. 1 hr each ):
Luis Navarro - aquascaping
Eric Do - freshwater crustaceans
Eric Bodrock - cory breeding made easy
Charles Clapsaddle - new livebearer strains
Chuck Davis - Showing and Judging fish

2007 NEC Convention seminars ( app. 1 hr each ):
Ingo Seidel - Plecos
Anton Lamboj - Rheophilic African Cichlids
Dr Frank Marini - Marine Fish
Jeff Cardwell - Collecting in Uruguay

Evening with the Legends April 7-8, 2006:
2 ½ hrs, ongoing conversation
Bonus disk with interview footage

2006 NEC Convention seminars ( app. 1 hr each ):
Disk 1:
Mark Soberman - catfish
Claus Christensen - Aquatic Plants
Bob Goemans - Reef Aquaria
Larry Jackson - Reef Aquaria
Rosario LaCorte - Characins
Wayne Leibel - Amazon Waters
Disk 2:
Ad Konings - Malawi Cichlids
Sallie Boggs - Anabantoids
Alan Fletcher - 3/16/2000, hobby history
Chuck Davis - Banquet

2005 and 2003 NEC Convention seminars ( app. 1 hr each ):
Vol 1:
30th Convention - 2005:
Christel Kasselmann - Aquascaping
Paul Loiselle - Lake Victoria Update
Rosario LaCorte - Killifish
28th Convention - 2003
Pam Chin - Lake Tanganyika Chichlids
Paul Turley - Reproduction of Catfish
Vol 2:
30th Convention - 2005:
Christel Kasselmann - New Plants
Ian Fuller - Breeding Corydoras
Gary Lange - Rainbowfish
Anton Lamboj - West African Characoids
28th Convention - 2003:
Karen Randall - Aquascaping
Randy Carey - Spawning the Scatters
Anthony Calfo - Coral Propagation


NEC Videotape Library:

Aquatic Maestro #1, Equipment and setup
Aquatic Maestro #2, Set up and water quality
Aquatic Maestro #3, Feeding, food, nutrition
Aquatic Maestro #4, livebearers
Aquatic Maestro #5, salt water
Aquatic Maestro #6, Barbs and Tetras
Aquatic Maestro #7, Disease
Aquatic Maestro #8, Gouramis
Aquatic Maestro #9, Live Plants
Aquatic Maestro #10, Catfish and Bottom gang
Aquatic Maestro #11, Cichlids
Aquatic Maestro #12, Aging Aquarium
Aquatic Maestro #13, trickle filters
Tetra Cichlid Aquarium, 20 minutes
Tetra fish Nutrition, 12 minutes
Tetra’s video for a Successful Aquarium, 27 minutes
Tetra’s video for a Successful Garden Pond, 22 minutes
Tetra’s video for a Successful Marine Aquarium, 30 minutes

Raising Livebearers Fry, by Mike Reed, 35 minutes
How to Setup and Maintain Marine Aquariums, 20 minutes
Aquarium Maintenance 1 & 2
Wet Dry Filtration
Koi Handling #1
Koi Classification
Get the Most out of Your Reef Aquarium
Harro Heironomous, Catfish
Harro Heironomous, Rainbowfish
Derek Lambert, Livebearers
Peter Lewis, Shell Dwellers
Dan Logan, Northwest Natives
Kathy & Erik Olson, Amazon Adventure
Dave Sandford, Killifish
Stan Weitzman, Characins

2003 NEC Convention Seminars, each approx 1 hr:
Anthony Calfo, Reef Gardening- Coral Propagation
Randy Carey, Patterns for Spawning the Scatters
Ed Champigny, Koi
Pam Chin, Lake Tanganyika
Dr Paul Loiselle, Aquarists and Conservation
Dr Paul Loiselle, Madagascar Rainbowfish
Dr. Gene Lucas, Update of Variation in Betta splendens
Charlie Nunziata, Plant Spawning Killifish
Karen Randall, Sunken Gardens
Mike Schadle, Banquet
Paul Turley, Reproduction of Catfish
Additional videos available (TFCB library):
Fish People, BBC production
TFCB beginners video
ACA, ICC video of selected speakers ( Stawikoski, Bleher, Ribbink, Barlow, Konings,
ANGFA, 1998 Convention ( Hieko Bleher, Gerry Allen, Neil Armstrong )
ANGFA, 1998 Convention ( 3 presentation by Gunter Schmida )
Collecting in Townsville and Queensland, Australia, Kevin Hosmer
Dandy’s Orandas, tape 10, 120 minutes
Dandy’s Orandas, tape 11, 120 minutes
Dandy’s Orandas, tape 15, 125 minutes