2019 NECA Cichlid Show Entries


New England Cichlid Association Cichlid Show

4 Classes/ 30 entries


Class 1: North/Central America
Class 2: South America
Class 3:Africa Rift Lake
Class 4:Africa Non-rift Lake, Madagascar, and Asia

Awards will be given for First, Second, and Third places in each class.

Choose the class and tank size from the drop-down menu.  Put the Genus and species name of your entry in the text box titled "species".


1. There are four classes:
   Class 1. North/Central America
   Class 2. South America
   Class 3. Africa Rift Lake
   Class 4. Africa Non-Rift Lake, Madagascar and Asia

2.  Certificates will be awarded to the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place winners in each class, and the Best of Show, Reserve Best of Show, and People’s Choice.

3.  You must be an attendee of the convention to enter the show.

4.  The cichlid show is limited to 30 total entries on a first-come first-served basis. You may enter as may fish as you like, depending on how many entry slots are left.

5.  NECA will provide twenty (20) 10-gallon tanks on a first-come first-served basis. Additional entries will require the entrant to bring their own tank. You may bring your own tank up to 29-gallon for your entry. Please email NECConvention@northeastcouncil.org with inquiries if any 10-gallon tanks are left, or to let us know what size tank you will bring.

6.  Tanks provided by NECA will have a sponge filter and black plastic film background taped to the back panel. You may use you own filtration or replace the background with your own, if desired. If you bring your own tank, you should also provide your own background. Heaters will not be provided. The room will be heated to 76 degrees. You may bring your own heater. NECA will provide extension cords and power strips.

7.  Each entry is $5. Make payment with your registration on-line at northeastcouncil.org under Convention Registration before the deadline of April 1, 2019. Once at the show registration section, enter the class, number of entries, tank size, and species (scientific name or common name). If your number of entries exceeds the number of slots that are left, you will be notified- Reminder: there are only 30 entries for the show!