REEF to RAINFOREST MEDIA is an independent, award-winning publishing house based in Shelburne, Vermont founded in 2009.

Independently owned by a small-town publisher whose history of producing award-winning special interest titles dates back to 1976, Reef to Rainforest publishes high-acclaimed magazines, digital content, and books for aquarists and underwater naturalists.

• CORAL is the world’s leading marine aquarium magazine, read in English in more than 100 countries. Available in high-quality print and digital editions.

George Goulart (aka "The Fish Doctor") stocks a variety of "New and Rare Tropical Fish" at Aqua-Life Central.

Aqua-Life is the place to come if you are looking to add that new and rare species of fish to your aquarium.

389 Wickenden Street

Providence, RI 02903

Phone: (401) 331-5376

email: fishdoctor@aqualifecentral.com

Welcome to Central Aquatics, the world’s largest producer of aquariums and terrariums, and a leading supplier of high-end aquatics consumables.

Our goal is to help every aquatic hobbyist, from beginners to experts, create and maintain a beautiful, thriving fresh and saltwater/reef environment for all aquatic life.

Ecological Laboratories Inc. is a biotechnology company that develops and manufactures novel, proprietary, liquid microbial formulations that are capable of solving many of the most challenging environmental problems facing the world today.  In a wide variety of environments spanning five continents, Ecological’s technologies have a proven track record of optimizing natural environmental processes to restore water quality and promote beneficial plant processes.

Florida Aquatic Nurseries was founded in 1957 by Dr. William McLane. With enthusiasm for growing aquatic plants, McLane developed his knowledge and expertise from that of a hobbyist to America’s leading producer of aquarium plants.  After his passing in 1972, Dr. McLane’s sons, Brad and Bruce, took over the aquarium plant business. This was not new to them since they were actively involved in the business while they were growing up, and shared their father’s passion for aquatic plants.

AREAS OF DESIGN INCLUDE…but are not limited to ads, brochures, business cards, direct mail, expo/booth displays, greeting cards, HTML e-mails and invitations, infographics, logos, newsletters, packaging, photography, postcards, presentations, RFPs, signage, websites and white papers.

“We are your Fish Room Supply House”

Products geared to the Ornamental Fish Breeder, Aquatic Pet Store, Importer, Researcher and serious Hobbyist. Select from the drop down menus above - The left menu is for category pages and the right menu is for specific product pages. Or look below for an extensive item list with links to the correct page. If you are searching for a specific item use the Search feature to the left. As always if you have any questions please feel free to call us TOLL FREE at 1-800-521-6258.

 Natures Talk Show is dedicated to helping save and preserve Nature by helping people understand that every living thing has a place and a reason to be here.

Conservation, preservation and habitat are of huge interest on our show. We are going to be doing more youth oriented programs and things that we hope will help save all the amazing things that life has to offer


We are the first US based business to sell Northfin Fish Food. We supply fish food and supplies to make your tank crystal clear and balanced.

We are 100% Veteran owned. I will promise to do my best in providing the best customer service, best shipping options and payment.

If you would like to know more do not hesitate to ask at Northfinusa@gmail.com. "We will always make it right"

An American family business.

The success story of sera began more than four decades ago: Josef Ravnak - who already had gained excellent reputation with the selling live food for aquariums -, founded his own company in 1970. He first worked as a one man enterprise and developed the company into a leading supplier within the aquarium, pond and terrarium industry step by step.

Spectrum Brands Holdings, a member of the Russell 1000 Index, is a global consumer products company offering an expanding portfolio of leading brands providing superior value to consumers and customers every day.

The Company is a leading supplier of consumer batteries, residential locksets, residential builders’ hardware, plumbing, shaving and grooming products, personal care products, small household appliances, specialty pet supplies, lawn and garden and home pest control products, personal insect repellents, and auto care products.

One of the most unique freshwater aquarium fish stores you will ever encounter!

Your Fish Stuff brand fish foods offer outstanding value, freshness and selection. Small batch fish food made with the finest of ingredients. Sold direct to fellow hobbyists.

Your Fish Stuff : Bulk Fish Food and Aquarium Supplies
PO Box 54
Lebanon, New Jersey 08833
United States

E-mail Address: info@yourfishstuff.com

Zoo Med Laboratories has been on the cutting edge of reptile husbandry and innovation for going on 40 years.

In 1993 Zoo Med developed the first UVB lamp for reptiles which changed the way all Zoo’s, herpetologist and hobbyist keep reptiles in captivity. Our lamps are used by all Zoo’s and hobbyists the world over and we estimate our UVB lamps have saved hundreds of thousands of reptiles in captivity from an early demise due to metallic bone syndrome.