Frank's Aquarium

I've been a fish nut for over 40 years. What can I say...I like fish keeping (and collecting). I remember when Malawi cichlids were "the newest thing", and auratus cichlids were $75 each (now they're $4 each, or less!). Back then (starting in 1970, when I got my first "official" petshop job, working for Discount Pets and Supplies in West Babylon, NY (when it closed, a beauty salon moved in. It recently closed, and now it's a pet grooming parlor)) being in the hobby was VERY exciting. Almost every week there was some new import. Always a new challenge. Then, the hobby slowly but surely began to change. New imports were pushed to the side in favor of painted monstrosities, man-made color variations, and malformed hybrids. Fishes that were once common in the trade simply dropped off the radar, which was a great loss to the hobby as a whole. The hobby was "dumbed down". In came the chain stores that further dumbed down the hobby by helping to drive the Mom and Pop stores, often the last bastion of the rare and unusual, out of business.