NEC Convention Sunday Auction Rules


1.  A maximum of 40 lots per vendor of fish, plants, and aquarium related items in the auction. There is a limit of 5 dry good lots and a limit of 3 lots per species. Nothing deemed illegal by the state of Connecticut will be accepted for auction. Dry goods must be clean and in working order, no broken items or cracked tanks; no used light bulbs or gravel. Download  the State of CT Invasive-Plant-List-2013.pdf (below).

2. *Vendor-sequence numbers will be assigned at auction registration on Sunday. All lots must have the assigned vendor-sequence number written on the bag along with species name, quantity, sex of fish and vendor’s name with a waterproof marker. Vendor forms must be submitted to the auction registration on Sunday.

* Vendor-sequence => Assigned bidder number and lot sequence on vendor form (1 - 40) 

3. All fish lots must be properly double-bagged; a fee of $2.00 will be charged if we have to re-bag your fish.

4. Auction proceeds will be 50/50 for up to 10 lots, 60/40 for all lots with more than 10 lots. Preregistration is not required.

5. Printable vendor forms are downloadable (below) and on the NEC Facebook page at

Complete by listing your name, address, phone number and a list of lots.

6. Vendor proceeds will be mailed to the vendor no later than 3 weeks after the auction.

7. Each seller will receive one “red” dot and an additional red dot per 10 bags to mark which lots will be the first auctioned, all other seller lots will follow the 10-table system.

8. The Auction Committee and auctioneer have the right to refuse any lot due to size, defects, sickness, inadequate bagging or any other disqualifying reason. If a buyer brings a lot to the attention of the NEC within 24 hrs., that is obviously sick or deformed, the vendor’s information will be given to the seller so that the parties
can work out an agreement.

9. The seller at the end of the auction must pick up any lots that fail to sell. Any items left will become the property of the NEC.

10. Auction items should be brought to auction room between 8:00am – 11:00am Sunday. Lots received after 9:30am may not be a part of viewing and will be added to the 10-table system as time permits. Viewing of auction items is from 9:30am – 10:45am. Please drop off your lots as early as possible. Viewing may be extended at the discretion of the auction committee.

11. All bidders must register at the auction table for a bidder number. Bidder numbers are available for $2.00 each; if you are registered for the convention, the $2.00 charge will be waived.

12. All bidders must produce a driver’s license or valid government ID at the registration desk for security purposes; the ID information will be entered on the bidder form. Lots will be handed directly to the buyer at the time of sale. Before leaving for the day, buyers must pay for their lots at the registration desk with cash or by check (no starter checks) and the bidder card must be turned in. Buyers who choose not to run a tab must pay the runner each time they make a purchase. If you plan to pay cash please try to bring small bills (singles, 5’s & 10’s) with you. The NEC will have a limited amount of small bills.

13. The NEC will do its best to ensure that all items at the auction are what they claim to be, but nothing works better than actually viewing the item that you intend to bid on. With this in mind, the NEC cannot be held responsible for any items after they have left the auction site except for defective livestock as stated above.

14. The auctioneer has the FINAL WORD on all bids. 

15. The auction will start promptly at 11:00am, see the convention schedule for details.

16. There may be a silent auction during the regular auction; winners will be announced during the auction. Lots must be paid for prior to removal from the silent auction table.