Breeder Participation Program (BPP)

2021 Standings

2021 winners

General - The NEC BPP was created to encourage the breeding of aquarium fishes, make tank-raised fry available to fellow hobbyists, and recognize aquarists who participate in the breeding of aquarium fishes.


A breeder participates by submitting a bag(s) of young fish or fry, aquatic or pond plants and other aquatic animals*(e.g. – snails, shrimp, corals, etc) bred or propagated and raised by the breeder to the auction of an aquarium society or nationally recognized aquarium organization.   If accepted, the responsible person from the society should initial each submission and sign the BPP form.  The breeder must be a member of a NEC sister society to be eligible to participate in the BPP program.  The breeder submits the BPP form(s) to the NEC Breeder Participation Program Chairperson to receive one point for each accepted bag.
* Aquatic animals normally considered as “live foods” are ineligible.


Award plateaus will be:

  • Junior Breeder - 50 points (for ages 16 year and under only)
  • Breeder - 200 points
  • Senior Breeder - 500 points
  • Master Breeder - 1000 points
  • Master Breeder  level 2 - 1500 points (additional levels for each additional 500 points)
  • Awards will also be made for most points accrued during the calendar year 1985 and each year thereafter.  $50 – 1st, $30 – 2nd, and $20 – 3rd place.  Awards will be presented at the NEC Annual Convention.  


Each accepted lot receives one BPP point.   Acceptance is in accordance with the auction rules of the society.  BPP point credit is not contingent on the breeder donating the fish to the society unless he/she wishes to do so.  Keeping in mind that one fry per bag or ten bags of jewel cichlids may be frowned upon.  


Each breeder should fill out all applicable fields on the form except the signature.   Then, have the society representative initial each submission and sign the form.  The form has been redesigned to eliminate redundant entries.  To further encourage participation, an alternate form may be substituted for the NEC BPP form as long as the form contains all the pertinent information and signatures.  In order to receive credit, the information on the form must be legible. 


The society person responsible to sign the BPP form may be the NEC delegate or alternate, club treasurer, auction chairperson, BAP committee member, society officer or BOD member at the societies' convenience.  An auction receipt indicating that you sold a qualifying item can also be used for verification.

BPP points should be e-mailed to David Banks, the BPP Chair, @ by January 1, 2022  to be eligible for the 2021 standings.