South Jersey Guppy Group (SJGG)


The South Jersey Guppy Group is the oldest and largest guppy club on the eastern seaboard. We first started meeting in 1970 as a splinter group from the South Jersey Tropical Fish Society. SJGG is an organization of approximately 50 members who have many years of experience in maintaining, breeding, and producing show winning guppies. SJGG is an International Fancy Guppy Association club. Our mission is to breed guppies to the IFGA standard and to help others do the same.  Breeding fancy guppies and competing in shows takes your fish keeping to another level. You aren’t simply maintaining them, you are selectively breeding them with a specific goal you set for yourself based on the IFGA standards mixed with your color preferences. We only show fish we bred ourselves.  Good husbandry and basic genetics are needed to develop the best fish. Being IFGA, we have standards and rules to follow but that’s all part of the game.  Each year, the IFGA sanctions many shows across the United States where breeders compete in 72 classes. We ship our fish, and lots of times we drive or fly to follow them!  Points accumulate until winners are announced at our annuals. SJGG was the host of the 51st annual in 2017.    If you’d like to play along, pick a color class and try to improve them!  It’s fun and challenging to watch your lines develop.  Join us as we test our skills through monthly bowl shows and entering our fish in IFGA shows across the United States. SJGG hosts our own biennial (once every two years) IFGA shows. Our monthly guppy meetings bring together members from New Jersey, Pennsylvania, New York & Maryland. Members share old and new ideas on all aspects of breeding the fancy guppy.  While some of our members have been breeding guppies for 50 years, everybody doesn’t show…  A few member don’t even have guppies! Guess they just enjoy coming.  Each meeting we have a bowl show, discussion, refreshments, raffle & auction. Auctions typically feature a mix of both beautiful pet quality guppies and others with real potential to start your own line. Many months cory cats, other companion species and plants can be bid on too.   As a club, we buy brine shrimp eggs to save on shipping; they are available at most meetings. Our meeting year begins in September and dues are collected at that time. Individual Membership is $20 annually. Meetings are held on the third Sunday of the month unless a holiday falls on that date. Meetings officially begin at 1:30 pm but most members arrive between 1-1:15 pm to help with setup and to enter fish in the bowl show. We do not meet in July and August. Location is : 1037 Canal Road  Griggstown, New Jersey (put Princeton in GPS) Can’t wait to hear what types of fancy guppies you are going to be breeding!