Exhibitor Competition

2017-2018 NEC Exhibitor Competition

1. NEC Point Shows

NEC Point Shows are traditional full scale competitions in which winners are determined by a judge or judging panel (ie. TFSRI, Keystone Clash, etc.).

Period: The competition period is based on a calendar year. All results must be submitted and received by the NEC Exhibitor Chairperson no later than January 15th for the previous year's results. The Council will not be held responsible for show results not submitted by a member society by the closing date.

Exhibitor Points for Point Shows

Each exhibitor will receive the following:

First entry in own club’s show - 2 points

Each additional entry in own club's show - 1 point

First entry in sister club’s show - 5 points

Each additional entry in sister club's show - 2 points

Best of Show at any club or society show - 50 points

Reserve of Show and any club or society show - 40 points

1st place - 25 points

2nd place - 20 points

3rd place - 15 points

100-point bonus to anyone who shows at every NEC member society show

2. NEC Bowl Show League

To increase participation in the Exhibitor Competition and revitalize interest in fish shows in general the NEC has formed a bowl show league for 2017-2018. Any NEC member club in good standing can hold up to two sanctioned bowl shows during bowl show season. To hold an NEC sanctioned bowl show a member club must contact the Exhibitor Competition chairperson by August 15th 2017. The NEC will produce a schedule of all league shows.

Criteria and Rules:

League shows must have a single open class.

Exhibitors may enter as many as three exhibits per show.

Participation in league shows is open to members of all NEC clubs.

Winners are to be determined by peoples choice. (See procedure below)

Each club is allowed two NEC sanctioned bowl shows per season.

Shows can be held at either a monthly meeting or annual event.

Season 1 begins Sept 1st 2017 and runs through January 31st 2018

Club must notify Bill Gill of show/meeting dates by August 15th.

Club are required to take photos of the entries as well as the show set up to be emailed to the league within one week after the show along with results.

Awards will be presented at the 2018 NEC Convention.

NEC Bowl Show voting and scoring procedure.

Each attendee is given a ballot in which they vote for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place. Each exhibit earns 3 points
for each 1st place vote, 2 points for each 2nd place vote, and 1 point for each 3rd place vote.

Exhibitor Points for NEC Bowl Shows

First entry in own club’s show - 2 points

Each additional entry - 1 point

First entry in sister club’s show - 5 points

Each additional entry - 2 points

1st place - 25 points

2nd place - 20 points

3rd place - 15 points

3. Non-Competitive Exhibitions

Exhibitors who display exhibits in non competitive events (ie. SNEKA Killifish Exhibition at the NEC
convention) are can earn the following exhibitor points.

First exhibit - 5 points

Each additional exhibit - 2 points

Club Exhibitors Points

Each member society will receive 1 point for every show entry named by the entrant as his/her home society. No points will be awarded for Honorable Mention or or special competitions at any show.

People's Choice awards at Full point shows are not eligible for Exhibitor’s points.

Exhibitors must select a single NEC club to represent, points can not be split between multiple clubs.


Annual Exhibitor Awards will be given for First, Second and Third place based on total point accumulation for the competition period. A junior member will be resented one award for the highest total point accumulation, if the junior member’s status has been so noted by the show secretaries. A junior member, for the purposes of this competition, is any member in good standing of a member society 16 years old or younger. The NEC will be unveiling a new trophy that will be
presented to the society with the highest number of accumulated show entries in that calendar year.

Bill Gill Exhibitor Competition Chairperson
BostonBreeder at BostonGuppyClub.com