NEC Membership Benefits

The NEC membership is extended to any aquarium society within the US and abroad who wishes to join the organization. Currently there are 31 member clubs in the council. There are 4 quarterly general and 4 quarterly board meetings, all of which are currently conference calls. There is one annual face-to-face meeting every second year when we hold elections.

Each club appoints/elects a delegate and alternate to attend the general meetings. Each delegate/ alternate can vote (only one vote per club) at the general meeting. The yearly dues are payable at the beginning of our fiscal year, January 1st.

Membership entitles each club to:
1. Representation at the general meeting
2. The newsletter (via email)
3. Advertising via the NEC web site
4. Web site space and an email address (under the NEC domain)
5. Access to the NEC membership list
6. Free advertising of events in the newsletter
7. Participation in NEC competitive events:

  • Breeder Participation Program (BPP)
  • Exhibitors Competition
  • Articles Competition
  • Photo Contest (Annual Convention)
  • NEC Tropical Fish Show (Annual Convention, limited classes)

8. Club member eligibility for Betty Mueller nomination
9. NEC speaker list
10. NEC slide and video lending library
11. NEC certified show judges
12. Reduced registration rates for the annual convention
13. A table at the annual convention (no charge if meeting attendance minimum is met)
14. One (1) free registration to the annual convention (if meeting attendance minimum is met)
15. Each club has the opportunity to announce their events and discuss items at the general meeting

The above list highlights some of the items that membership provides; also, the networking that occurs before, during and after the meetings. You will find that becoming a member of the NEC will help your club generate a network of supporters from other sister clubs.

Application for membership requires the club to present a letter to the council president requesting membership in the council, signed by the club president. The letter should contain information about the club (something similar to a newsletter boilerplate) and should contain a list of the club officers with contact information, delegate/alternate (if available), and club web site (if available).

I would then review and present your application to the Board of Governors (BOG). The BOG would vote on the application and when accepted, your club would pay the annual membership fee. There is no probationary period; your club/members would be eligible for all amenities once your dues are paid.

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