Abrams, Steve

Steve is an Aquarist at New York Aquarium caring for Marine and Freshwater quarantine area and caring for Freshwater and Marine public exhibits. Also, relief Aquarist for penguins and seals. He is a Curator for Science Museum of Long Island – Care and exhibit design for fish, reptiles mammals and birds, an Instructor for Limnology, Archeology, Marine ecology, Forest ecology, Ornithology, Astronomy.  Steve is a Regional Animal specialist for national pet retailer, where he oversaw animal care in 23 stores and trained staff in companion animal care (Fish and Reptiles). Steve is a Curator Flax Pond Marine Laboratory – Stony Brook University, working in design and construction of research flow through and recirculation systems.  He has been involved in field collection of both educational and research organisms. Steve is also involved in training of students in the care of these organisms. He is an Instructor to both Undergraduate and Graduate students in aquatic recirculating system design, animals collection and medication. He is an Instructor for Marine Ecology, Ichthyology, Wet land Ecology, Plant Biology. Shipboard instructor for various Marine Ecology classes, as well as an Instructor for American Association for Laboratory Animal Science (AALAS) in the care of reptiles and amphibians in research environments. Steve has been keeping fish and other aquatic organisms at home for approximately 50 years. He has participated in collecting trips for both the University and personal collections all around the U.S. and Jamacia. He owns and cares for a self-designed 1000 square foot fish building, containing approximately 60 species of Freshwater and Marine fish and other organisms, with a total tank volume which exceeds 2000 gallons. All Aquarium racks, plumbing and life support self designed and constructed. He has published several articles  in the now defunct Aquarium Fish International Magazine and Freshwater and Marine Aquarist Magazine Steve is a former Vice President and is a current board member for the Long Island Aquarium Society. Programs: Bringing the Beach Home … An Introduction to Setting up Salt Water Aquariums When You Bring the Beach Home Going To The Sea – an Introduction to Brackish Water Fish Setting Up a Wet/Dry Filtration System Monster Fish