Alderson, DVM, James C.

Jim Alderson became interested in show guppies when he was 14 years old. He saved his money and purchased his first trio of show fish at this early and competed in the bowl shows in the local aquarium society. College and veterinary school did not leave much time for fish, but after graduation and settling in, he set up my first fish room in 1982. Jim has been showing guppies for thirty-two years. He is the leading all-time point winner and winner of Grand Male Overall in the IFGA. He has won Grand Male Overall 10 times.He is a 2 time past president of the IFGA, and has been an IFGA judge for thirty years. He has also raised discus, angelfish and goldfish. He currently serves as Chairperson of the IFGA Judging Board. In his work life, he is a professor in the department of Animal and Veterinary Sciences at California State University in Pomona, as well as the University Veterinarian. Programs: Show Guppies, The IFGA Way