Antkowiak, Joel

Joel Antkowiak was born on the Southside of Pittsburgh in 1962, Joel’s first brush with the organized hobby came in 1976 when he found an ad for the American Killifish Association in an old aquarium hobby magazine. Having always appreciated the beauty of these fishes from the color plates in the old “Innes book”, and not seeing them in local stores, he joined in order to acquire some. A few years later Joel found the Greater Pittsburgh Aquarium Society, where he was a member for a few years before graduating from the University of Pittsburgh and moving out of the area. Joel is now living in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania where he is an active member of the Aquarium Club of Lancaster County. Joel has earned the club’s Breeder of the Year award twice, it’s “Mighty Fin Award” for most points earned in the club’s Writer’s and Artist’s Award Program during a year twice, has been honored with the club’s Hobbyist of the Year Award, and has been selected the recipient of the club’s President’s Award twice, and was the FAAS Author of the Year for 2012. Joel is also the only member of the ACLC to be awarded the club’s annual “CARES Member of the Year” award since the ACLC joined the CARES Program in 2011. Most recently, Joel has just been honored with lifetime membership in the ACLC for completing the highest level of the club’s Writer’s and Artist’s Award Program. Joel has maintained anywhere from a few to about 60 tanks at any one time throughout his adult life and has kept many different species of fish. He is often amazed at how some species were once very common and now seem to be non-existent despite their attractiveness and ease of care and husbandry, seemingly pushed out of the hobby by the “next great thing.” Programs: Komments on Killiekeeping Experiences with CARES Species The CARES Preservation Program, Goodeids & More Introduction to Rainbowfish & Blue-Eyes Experiences with CARES Priority List Species