Bagnall, Gary

Gary Bagnall is the founder and president of the reptile and aquarium company ZooMed and got his start working in pet shops at the age of 11.  At 13, he co-founded the Orange County Aquarium Society in California and printed their club publication in his offset printing class while in high school.  At 19, Gary beifefly worked for a tropical fish importer in Los Angeles and the same year started his live reptile import/export business, California Zoological Supply. During this time, Gary started manufacturing products for successful reptile husbandry, incuding the invention of the first UVB lighting for reptiles. Gary’s main passion has always been aquarium fish and turle-keeping and currently he (with the help of his daughter Shawna) maintains over 200 aquatic turtles and tortoises plus 12 aquariums ranging from 20 to 1,000 gallons.  Being cursed with the “pack-rat gene,” Gary has been collecting anything and everything to do with the history of aquariums and the related pet-keeping hobby.  He has amassed a collection of over 200 antique aquariums and fish bowl stands.  His goal is to first do a “virtual museum” on the web devoted to the history of the hobby and eventually have a physical building for the collection within the next 5 years.  Programs: Antique Aquariums I Have Known