Banks, David

David is the current president of the Tropical Fish Club of Burlington and cofounded the club in 1989 with his wife Janine. David is past president of the Northeast Council of Aquarium Societies and still holds several positions within that organization. He has been an active breeder of tropical fish for over 25 years, at one time concentrating mainly on African cichlids in his 40-tank fish room. David and Janine have been active in the NEC  Breeder Participation Program and are one of only 5 to have ever  achieved the plateau of “Master Breeder”. David is also involved in conservation and has always kept space in his tanks for several endangered species, ranging from Lake Victorian cichlids to livebearers and killifish. Programs: Breeding Fish and Getting Started Tropical Fish and the Stamp Hobby African Cichlids Getting Started Breeding Fish Brine Shrimp