Barr, Dr., Tom

Dr Tom Barr has been catching fish and invertebrates since he could walk, raised by Biologist parents, he has kept a wide range of animals and plants over the decades. He worked at the Fish Gallery in Bloomington IN from 1978-1980. Today he services and installs larger aquariums , collects and wholesales Manzanita driftwood and Hefe Stone for the aquarium and Vivarium markets. Like his parents, he also teaches Horticulture and Biology at the local college in Sacramento. Tom worked on aquatic weed control methods for his PhD at UC Davis. Tom’s primary focus in aquariums is planted tanks and horticulture. He was a founding charter member of several aquarium plant clubs and served on the boards of several societies and for other non profit businesses in the Sacramento and SF Bay area regions. Tom has also published many articles in FAMA, TFH and other publications in the aquarium trade. He has also discovered several new species of Carabid beetles that his father specialized in throughout Appalachian Mountain ranges.