Basch, Jeremy

Jeremy is originally from Westlake, OH and currently lives in Columbus. He started keeping fish 22 years ago when he purchased his first aquarium for his birthday. Jeremy started working at a local fish store as a teenager and started to acquire various sized aquariums and fish. He was hooked! In 2004 Jeremy setup his first fishroom and is on his third modified design, which contains 100+ aquariums ranging in size from 2.5 to 150 gallons. He has bred over 40 species of fish including many cichlids, catfish, rainbows, killifish, livebearers and invertebrates. Jeremy’s main focus is on the  cichlids and catfish from South America and killifish from West Africa. He is a current member and the chairman of the Columbus Area Fish Enthusiasts (CAFÉ). He has belonged to the Ohio Cichlid Association, the  Greater Cincinnati Aquarium Society, the American Killifish Association and the American Cichlid Association. Jeremy has written a few articles,  which have appeared in the Buntbarsche Bulletin & the CAFE Menu newsletter. Jeremy can be seen at many fish shows and conventions throughout the Midwest. (from ACLC Tank Tales, Sept. 2014, Volume 43, No. 8) Programs: Experiences with Geophagus