Bleakley, Ph.D., Bronwyn

Bronwyn Bleakley is an Associate Professor of Biology at Stonehill College. She writes, “My work to date has focused on quantifying where the relevant genetic variation underlying guppy antipredator and social behavior resides: in the individual or its social group. I have utilized a variety of empirical techniques including classical quantitative genetics, behavioral studies, genotyping using microsatellite markers, and field work to do so. Guppies respond strongly to the specific social context they are placed in (Bleakley et al. J. Evol. Bio. 2007). Using inbred lines I developed (Bleakley et al. Behav. Gen. 2006, Zebrafish 2008), I demonstrated that guppies significantly alter their behavior in response to the genetic composition of their social group, providing some of the first empirical measurements of the strength of such genetic interactions between individuals and generating a hypothesis for how reciprocal cooperation may evolve in unrelated individuals (Bleakley and Brodie Evol. 2009).” In 2015, Bronwyn was awarded  a National Science Foundation (NSF) CAREER Grant.  The grant will allow Bleakley to expand her research on proximate and evolutionary causes of social behaviors while giving Stonehill students comprehensive research and mentorship experiences. It marks the first NSF CAREER Grant awarded to a faculty member at the College. Programs: Guppy Night in Boston