Blissett, Jerine

Jerine Blissett, a native New Englander, showed a strong passion for animals at a young age. First interested in exotic reptiles, at age 12, he received a Tiger salamander as a gift. Buying food for the salamander at a fish store, he encountered “the most amazing fish he’d ever seen,” a Spotted gar.  He saved up enough allowance to purchase an aquarium to accomodate the gar.  By age 15, he’d developed a real passion for aquarium fish.  Learning by reading, Jerine visited a reptile/specialty shop in CT, looking for new reptiles, where he saw a Tiger Shovelnose Catfish.  He has since focused on large exotic and rare species of catfish, specifically, the South American Shovelnose, and has owned over 50 species of them.  In trying to improve his knowledge of husbandry and techniques to raise and care for his fish, Jerine has spoken about catfish at several other aquarium cubs [other than his home club PVAS- editor], covering South American large Asisan and primitive cats.  Jerine has also contributed several photos to , in which he’s revealed some undescribed species of Syndontis catfish.  These days, Jerine maintains a small collection of fish and is currently building what he hopes is the first of many reeg aquariums. Programs: Monster Catfish