Bock, Bob

Bob Bock enjoys writing and speaking about aquarium fish and aquarium-related topics. He writes a column for the Biotope, the newsletter of the Capital Cichlid Association. Bob also is the author of the “Meet the Hobbyist” column, which appeared in Tropical Fish Hobbyist. He has also contributed articles to Aquarium Fish International, Freshwater and Marine Aquarium, and In Fisherman. Bob is Past President of the North American Native Fishes Association and his interest in aquarium fish began at the age of 7, when he collected mummichog from the Hackensack River marshes, in his home town of Jersey City, New Jersey.  Through the years, Bob has kept and bred numerous native and non-native species in his Washington, D.C. area fish room, including sunfish, cichlids, corydoras and brochis, livebearers, loaches and killifishes.  He belongs to nearly all of the Washington area’s aquarium clubs, and attends meetings regularly.  When he’s not busy in his fishroom, Bob likes collecting native fishes.  Every two years, he leads the native fishes collecting trip for the Potomac Valley Aquarium Society’s All Aquarium Catfish Convention. Programs: Sunfish Are Sunfish Bizarro Cichlids or are Cichlids Bizarro Sunfish? Cyprinids Keeping & Breeding Cyprinids Killifish of the United States