Boggs, Dr., Sallie

Sallie S. Boggs has her Ph.D. in Biophyiscs, but she has kept fish as a hobby for over 50 years.  She loves to breed fish, raise the fry, doucment the process in photos and articles and share information with others in the hobby.  Her favorite fish are oddballs, fish that are rarely bred or are difficult to breed.  She also likes to catch fsh and bring them home to breed them.  By teaching others what she has learned and by disseminating the fry to other potential breeders she hopes to enhance the appreciation of the fish and reduce pressure on wild populations. Sallie began her hobby as a child when her framily moved to Jamaica B.W.I. where she collected both tropical marine and freshwater fish and trid to keep them alive in bowls.  Her curiosity and interest in documenting her “discoveries” eventually led her to get her doctoral degree at the Universith of California, Berkeley and pursue a career in research and teaching in the area of stem cell biology and gene therapy. Her accomplishments in the aquarium hobby are numerous.  She was the first Grand Master Breeder in her local fish club, the Greater Pittsburgh Aquarium Society, Inc., has held most of the offices in the club, regularly contributes articles for their journal and the “Aquarium Critters in Science” series.  She has bred hundreds of species of fish and has given talks coast-to-coast in the US and in Canada on her fish breeding experiences.  Besides breeding wild type fish, Sallie developed a koi Angelfish that, after 15 years of selective breeding, starting with 5 fish, none of which was koi-type, show four colors  (orange, lemon yellow, black, and white). Programs: Anabantoids I Have Known (and Bred) Anabantoids