Borstein, Rick

Rick Borstein is the Webmaster of the Greater Chicago Cichlid Association (GCCA), President of the Chicago Livebearer Society (CLS) and President of the Federation of American Aquarium Societies (FAAS). Rick was the Chairman of the successful 2006 American Cichlid Association Convention held in Chicago, IL. Rick has spawned over 200 species of cichlids and is one of only ten people to hold the title of Master Breeder in the GCCA. Rick’s basement fishroom has 32 tanks ranging in size from 5 gallons to 125 gallons. Rick is primarily interested in cichlids and livebearers. Programs: Sixty Tips in 60 Minutes Digital Imaging for Aquatic Hobbyists The Road to Master Breeder: Tips and Techniques for Breeding Cichlids No Buckets, No Hoses: Automating Water Changes in Your Fishroom