Bush, Shelby

Shelby’s passion for fish starts before even being born. Fish are one of the things that brought her parents together so to say that her life revolved around the fish tank would be accurate. Growing up in a small farming community in Michigan, there were little to no outlets for being a hobbyist and in the early 80’s google was not an option. Sundays were reserved for going through the fish books as a family and making the long trek to the fish store to make the final purchase. All of the family was in involved with the care of the aquarium and discussions of maintaining good bacteria and fish behavior were simply normal discussions in the household. Fish were not just a passion, but a foundation that led her to where she is today. From keeping nano tanks, to 220 gallons, there are many fish that she has cared for in the past 30 years. Shelby got her started her career at Preuss Pets in Lansing Michigan in 2002 as part of the Freshwater team. She spent 8 years as the Freshwater purchaser and created multiple presentations to teach to hobbyist in the Preuss Pets classroom. No stranger to shows, auctions and events she has frequented many of them throughout the past 14 years. One of the things that she really enjoyed was spending time with Antonio who was the Vet and breeder for all of the livebearers at Preuss Pets. With over 300 tanks in the breeding room there was always something new he was working on and willing to share his knowledge with her. He also taught her to use a microscope to diagnose fish diseases and what medications would work best when needed. She went on to attend the Fish Disease Seminar at the University of Florida Lab and now after 14 years at Preuss, has asked to join the team at Segrest farms in October of 2015. She is a hands on advocate for the industry and will be able to give you some insight on the journey a livebearer goes through to get from the source, to you. Programs: The Incredible Journey of a Wholesale Livebearer!