Cardineau, Kathy (died July 9, 2017)

Kathy Cardineau can usually be found either wet up to her elbows with her arms in a fish tank or hunched over the keyboard on her computer, talking ‘fish’ to anyone who cares to listen. When she isn’t lugging buckets for water changes for her 3 reef tanks and 75 gallon freshwater tank that houses her gigantic Pleco named  Murray, she stays busy as a Moderator on, helping newbies get started in the fish keeping hobby. When she finally does get outside of the house, it is to either tend to her 2,000 Gallon Koi pond or to head over to the dock where she keeps her boat (no fishing  allowed, purely a pleasure craft!). Kathy can frequently be found hanging over the edge of the dock watching the critters that make their home along the edge of the water. During her free time, she tends to her 2 rescued dogs, multitude of rescued cats and her rat named Smoke who was rescued from a pet shop fire.   Kathy is the past president of the Nassau County Aquarium Society (NCAS). Programs: Ponds, The Easy Way Setting Up a Pond