Carey, Randy

Randy Carey remembers his first aquarium as well as he remembers his first girlfriend. Twenty years later he now keeps a room of over 70 aquaria …but the  girlfriend is long gone. As a master fresh – water aquarist he has bred about 200 species of fishes and was the first to earn the Lifetime Award from his local community, the Minnesota Aquarium Society.  He established an early online presence (mid ‘90s) and maintained the first aquarium-based blog (1997-2004). Since writing his first column in 1999 for TFH Magazine, America’s oldest and most prominent aquarium magazine, Randy has contributed numerous feature and multi-part articles, two-page photo spreads, and a cover shot. Aquarium societies have flown him throughout the US and Canada to deliver in-depth presentations: breeding axonomy, fish collecting in Brazil, aquarium design, and the art of aquarium photography. He also provides presentations for general audiences. In 2006, Randy participated in a 2-week expedition in the Amazon Rainforest to study the correlation between exporting aquarium fish and rainforest conservation. After his multi-part series from this expedition was published, he was offered a contract to write a book on tetras and barbs, the two most popular groups of freshwater aquarium fishes. This book was released in 2010 through major pet stores and online with global distribution. Carey also serves on the Petco Editorial Review Board, providing  reviews of freshwater titles being considered for the retail shelves. Programs: Spawning the Egg-Scatterers