Carletto, Andre

Hooked on killies for more than 25 years and currently living and working in Florida, Andre Carletto originally came to us from Sao Paulo, Brazil. Andre studied biology at the University of Sao Paulo (USP) where he did special studies on the ecology and morphology of Cyprinodontiformes. He is the co-founder of the “Killie Clube do Brasil” (KCB) and currently moderates several killie forums in Portuguese. His frequent incursions into “killie ground” led to the discovery of many new species, a new genus and even the rediscovery of a species not seen for more than 40 years. His collecting trips also allowed him to gather ecological information from a multitude of habitats. In recognition of all his contribution to the field, Andre had a fish named after him (Simpsonichithys carlettoi).  Andre has a lot of information to share, both from his numerous collecting trips in his home country of Brazil and his experience in breeding South American annuals. Programs: Killifish: The Little Known Jewels of the Hobby Brazilian Annual Kilifish: Ecology and Conservation Status