Chiappetta, Joe

“Jersey Joe” has a Bachelors degree from Allegheny College in Biology and Environmental Science and Master’s Degree from Florida Institute of Technology. He has been in the hobby for over 20 years, keeping mostly Cichlids (New and Old World), Catfish, US native fish and predatory tetras. He has been breeding fish for over 15 years including cichlids, plecos, Corydoras, guppies, livebearers, killifish, tetras and US native fish. At the height of his multi-Tank Syndrome he had over 100 tanks for a total of over 5,000 gallons; he is now keeping around 2,000 gallons of aquariums. He is a member of the North Jersey Aquarium Society, Jersey Shore Aquarium Society, American Cichlid Association and is active on various internet forums. “Jersey Joe” has collected fish in 22 states and seven countries for professional, academic and hobbyist purposes Programs” Sub-tropical Geophagus and Gymnogeophagus