Christensen, Claus

Claus Christensen has been involved in aquatic plants, particularly those use in aquariums, for over 30 years. During the past 20 years, he was the manager of Tropica Aquarium Plants in Denmark, one of the foremost producers of aquarium plants in the world as far as volume of plants produced, leading the field of tissue culture and new variety development.  To complient his experience with aquariums, Claus collected and observed aquatic plants extensively in the wild. Claus has been a contributing writier for a number of aquarium publications, including Aquarium Heute in Germany.  He is a popular speaker at aquarium functions in Europe, spoke at Aqua Design, Amano’s Aquatic Plant Summit in Japan, and is making his third return trip to the United States to speak at this NEC convention.  This year his program will focus on the exciting topic of “Advances in the Planted Aquarium Hobby.” Programs: AGA meeting and Discussion (NEC 2006 Convention) Advances in he Planted Aquairum Hobby