Clapsaddle, Charles

Charles began his fish-keeping career about age 7 (lots of years ago) when he won some goldfish at carnival. After growing them up, he successfully spawned them and was hooked on fish forever. Shortly after the success with goldfish, he turned his attention to livebearers, the first of which were locally collected Gambusia affinis, mosquito fish, and Poecilia latipinna, sailfin molly. By junior high he had graduated to fancy guppies. His fascination with livebearers continues today. Although his family hatchery ( breeds many other fishes, it’s the development of new livebearer strains and the improvement of existing strains that occupies his best efforts. Charles has spoken to aquarium clubs across the country on various topics relating to the hobby. He has a BSc in Zoology from The University of Texas at Austin. Programs: Raising Show Quality Fish Hatchery Operations: The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly Native Gambusia Populations Hatchery Operations Closed System Aquaculture of Ornamental Fish Magnificant Mollies