Do, Eric

Eric Do has been keeping fish for nearly 20 years and has experience in both freshwater and saltwater retail.  While invertebrates have been a part of the aquarium culture in both Asia and Europe, it wasn’t until a few years ago that hobbysists even considered stocking their tanks with such livestock.  Eric’s interest in freshwaater invertebrates began with the desire to supplement faunal diversity in the planted tank. Most invertebrates that were commonly available were not fit for the planted tank environment due to their destructive nature, but there are many alternatives which are model citizens. These invertebrates are what piques hobbyists interests at the highest levels and in these past few years, their popularity has increased many folds.  In his quest to acquire some of these rare and unusual invertebrates, Eric imported some of the first cherry shrimps from Germany, bee and crystal red shrimps from Singapore and Japan, Aegla crabs and dwarf crayfish from Western Europe, and Sulawesi shrimps from Indonesia. Additionally, Eric is a prolific photographer and moderates on forums such as Aquatic Photography Forum (part of Monster  Aquaria Network) and The Planted Tank.  He is a contributing photographer for publications such as Reef Hobbyist magazine and shoots commercially for companies such as Reed Mariculture. Eric is currently involved with the San Francisco Bay Area Aquatic Plant Society, one of the largest and oldest plant societies in the U.S. Programs: Freshwater Invertebrates