Duthie, Leslie

Leslie Duthie has been the native plant propagator and horticulturist at the Norcross Wildlife Sanctuary for over 30 years. Birds come in two diets: Seed eaters and Insect/Fruit eaters!  Leslie will guide you in your selection of some fabulous native shrubs and perennials to help you attract more birds to your garden. She will emphasize plant s that will do well in a water garden, but will discuss others that can be planted around the garden as well. The Norcross Wildlife Sanctuary, known locally as Tupper Hill, was founded and liberally endowed by Monson native  Arthur Norcross, of Norcross Greeting Cards. Norcross Wildlife Sanctuary is a museum of native plants. (Like the Louvre in Paris, this museum  cannot be fully viewed in just one day.) Programs: Native Plants Attract Native Wildlife