Evers, Hans-Georg

Hans Evers simply loves fish, and that drives him to center his life around the most beautiful hobby in the world.  He lives in Hamburg, Germany, and has always been an aquarist at heart.  Initially he specialized in African cichlids and then West African cichlids, However, in the early eighties he visited a friend whose Corydoras aeneus were spawning; he fell in love with those little creatures, and today the Corydoradinae and Loricariidae are his most favorite fish. Hans has bred and raised more than 350 different species of freshwater fishes (150 being Corydoras or Loricarid sp.) and he currently maintains 50 tanks from 2 – 200 gallons.  Rainbowfish, Blue Eyes, Meanotaenids, Pseudomugil and fishes from Sulawesi have also becoms a passion over the last few years. Hans is a busy traveler .  He speake English and Portuguese fluently and also speaks a bit of Spanish.  He is always visiting many tropical countries, in search of new and interesting fishes for the aquarium hobby.  He has taken countless trips to the Amazon, mainly to Brazil, where he collected in all of the larger tributaries of the Amazon River. Hans has colected in Peru, Venezuela, and many Asian countries as well.  He has made several recent trips to the ilsand of Sulawesi, one of the absolute hot spots in the world for endemic species, and has brought back many new and beautiful new species of fishes and invertebrates. Hans has written 10 books including the “Mergus Catfish Atlas” together with his good friend Ingo Seidel and the “Idetification Guide to Corydoradinae Catfishes” with Ian Fuller.  He has published more than 650 articles worldwide in hobbyist magazines. Since 2005, he has been the chief editor of the German magazine Amazonas. Programs: The Rio Xingu and It’s Loricariidae Fishes of the Sulawesi Stories from a Tropical Living Room: Habitats of Corydoras Catfish