Fear, George

George Fear is the owner of Shark Aquarium in Hillside, New Jersey, one of the largest retail tropical fish and aquarium stores in the area, specializing in rare and hard to find tropical fish from all over the world. He is past president of the American Catfish and Loach Association, and board member of the American Cichlid Association, and North Jersey Aquarium Society.  Starting in 1987, he has traveled frequently to South America to collect tropical fish.  His trips include Venezuela, Brasil, Ecuador, Argentina, and most often, Peru, where he leads annual collecting expeditions for hobbyists. His interests include catfish and cichlids, and most recently, piranha.  His collection of approximately 15 species of piranha is said to be the largest living collection in the world. Programs: Swimming wtih Piranha, Underwater Videos and Photos from Venuezuela