Finley, Lee

Lee has been an aquarium hobbyist for at least 47 years (where does the time go?). As part of this, he has regularly written on various aquarial topics over the past 40 (give or take) years and has over 345 published articles to his credit. Among these writings are included almost 12 years of a monthly book review column (“Aquarist’s Library”) in Aquarium Fish Magazine (RIP), and almost ten years (over two separate runs) of a monthly catfish column (“Catfish Corner”) in Tropical Fish Hobbyist Magazine. Lee also has a book on catfishes which was published by TFH. Lee is now “retired” from regular column writing. But his writing interests remain and various projects dealing with catfishes and aquarium history are currently in various stages. Speaking has been another fun thing for Lee, and over the years he has had the pleasure of presenting programs for numerous organizations, including the Northeast Council Workshop/Convention. As of late Lee has been mellowed out from the speaking perspective, and consequently is looking forward to NEC 2013 to stretch out a bit. Other aspects of the aquarium hobby/industry have also attracted Lee. In the long- ago past he was owner/operator of an independent pet store for a bit over a year (an interesting experience, but not his cup of suds). Also, and now in the past, Lee had a predominately mail order book business (Finley Aquatic Books) for 10 or so years dealing in both new and used literature covering all aspects of the aquarium hobby and aquatic natural history. For most of those years he was a regular fixture in the NEC Convention Vendor Room.    Programs: Foods and Feeding of Loricariidae Catfishes The Retirement Tour: There are Some Things That Need Saying