Gasdick, Chris

It all started at the age of five when my father came home with a plastic fish tank and an angelfish named Angel. Angel did not last very long since it was such a small tank and was replaced many times without my knowledge. One day on my way to my Grandparents house my mother told me Angel was already there and when I arrived, Angel had more then doubled in size to my surprise. I ran to my mother and said “Look mommy, Angel GREW!!!” We all know with little kids, the extent we go through to keep children from getting upset when something passes away but that was just the start of my fish keeping experience. A few years later after upgrading from the plastic tank to a 30 gallon community tank, my love for the hobby continued to grow. My grandpa also shared his love of this hobby with me and always used to talk about his old 75 gallon tank with his angelfish and more importantly his beloved Discus fish. He would tell me stories about the beautiful Blue, Red, and Stripped Discus he used to have. How big and peaceful the Discus used to be, he also mentioned there was nothing like them since each one had their own personality. I was amazed by his stories and the passion he had for these Discus fish. A few weeks later, I needed something for my tank and my grandpa took me to my local fish store. With excitement he called me over to one of the main tanks and said Chris, look here they are, my Discus! From that moment on I fell in love. That day I went home with another tank, 2 Discus, and the addiction began. After my first discus the obsession began. One tank turned to 2 tanks turned to 4 until before I was a senior in HIgh School my bedroom became a wall to wall aquarium with only a bed inside. At the age of 15 was when I first ordered discus on-line and got to know my current supplier, mentor, and now longtime friend Rodney Sonoda of Hawaii Discus. This is when Island Discus was born. Island Discus has grown a lot over the years from a few tanks in my parents house to what it is today. Currently Island Discus is operated out of my home with over 35 tanks, 21 breeding pairs, and 2000+ gallons of water and still growing. We specialize in healthy, high grade rare discus as well as breeding these beautiful fish. Discus have become my passion. I hope everyone can experience them and share the love for them as much as my grandpa and I have. Programs: Discus Care and Diseases Discus