George, Peter

I’ve been involved with tropical fish essentially from birth. My grandmother, who immigrated to the US in 1923, always had a fish tank in our apartment in The Bronx. I kept at least one tank with me when I went to college and have been keeping fish on a more significant scale for close to 4 decades. Currently I have a fish room in the basement of my home in Petersham, MA, and focus on African cichlids, primarily those from the Victoria Basin. I’ve got 38 tanks at this point, with about 1,200 gallons of water. It’s a challenge to maintain, but most days it’s worth it. I run my business, Healthcare  Litigation Support, out of my home, so I always manage to find time for the fish, my dogs, parrots, cats and my wife and son. One of my favorite fish are in  the genus Ctenopoma, which is a group of fish I’ve enjoyed for close to 20 years. I’ve kept most of them, bred a few, and enjoy them almost as much as I enjoy my cichlids. They are close relatives of bettas and gouramis, and have elements of both, with the added  mystery of being rare in the hobby. Programs: Lake Victoria Cichlids Lake Victoria Cichlids for the Non-Specialist or Why Not Victoria Ctenopoma (African Gouramis) Rainbowfish Odd Rare West African Cichlids The Cichlids of NECA