Goemans, Bob

Bob Goemans has been in the aquarium hobby for over 60 years, setting up his first marine aquarium in 1956.  As a member of the Jamaica, New York Aquarium Society, he was the first in the USA to own and use an undergravel filter.  He has collected some of his own aquarium specimens from the Caribbean to the South China Sea. He became a well-known auther when writing for Marine Fish Monthly for over 14 years, and presently has monthly columns and/or various articles in Freshwater and Marine Aquariums, Tropical Fish Hobbyist, and Practical Fishkeeping and Marine World in the U.K. and has authored several books on aquarium husbandry.  He’s an independent aquarium supporter often appearing at aquarium shop openings, question and answer sessions, aquarium society meetings, symposiums, school events and even on TV.  Bob has established one of the most popular marine aquarist websites in the world. Bob has a doctorate in Buisiness Management and is a retired Environmental Contracting Manager for a subsidiary of General Motors  In addition to his aquarium research and writing endeavors, he heads aquarium and environmental consulting businesses, and is a Sierra Club member. Programs: Doing It Right the First Time