Goulart, George

George Goulart was born 1952 in Providence, Rhode Island. He has lived and worked in Fox Point all his life. He grew up in a house on Armstrong Avenue, until he was married, when he moved to the house across the street. He lives next door to his store on Wickenden Street, Aqua-Life Central, a store that sells a wide variety of fish and plant-life. He was once called “The Fish Doctor” by one of his customers during a house call, and the name stuck. George is an avid teacher and learner about all types of fish life, had a radio show called “The Fish Doctor” several years ago. He loves his work so much that he calls it a constant vacation. Programs: The Fish Business Several Informal Fishkeeping Tip Presentations Showing Fish How to Show Your Fish Operating a Tropical Fish Store The Art of Showing Fish! State of the Tropical Fish Industry