Grimes, Charley

I have been seriously keeping tropical fish for 40 years.  I currently have over 100 aquariums in my fishroom (with another 40 or 50 in my storage barn).  Additionally, I have three large yard ponds that I maintain for tropical fish in the warm months – about 5-1/2 months  here in Indianapolis. In addition to culturing lots of live foods in my fishroom, I am still searching for the perfect paste food.  so far, I have concluded it probably does not exist. I maindtain about 50 cichlid tanks – mostly African Rifts and dwarf cichlids (mainly Apistos), with the rest mainly housing killies, tetras and livebearers. Additionally, wth the onset of warmer weather, I usually get Native Fish Fever and do quite a bit of collecting locally and throughout the southeastern U.S.  In addition to collecting native fish, I have been to South America three times and once to Mexico. My other hobbies are photography and gardening. I have benn off-again, on-again retired for three years – so far, the retired experience sucks (although, so does work) – it is hard to find time for the fish – but the job makes it possible to buy lots of camera stuff.  Once summer gets here, I may, again, retire (I will have squirreled away enough money for a new camera and two more backyard pods), so I can spend ore tme playing with my outdoor fish and water garden hobby. Programs: The Dead Fish Program