Hanneman, Eric

Eric Hanneman has kept fish for over 45 years, focusing mainly on Central American and African cichlids, plus a few livebearers, catfish, tetras, killifish, etc. He helps maintain 40 or so tanks of fish. He has collected fish in the USA, Mexico, Belize, Guatemala, Honduras, Panama and been diving in Lake Tanganyika. In between trips he resides in Raleigh, North Carolina, whose soft water irritates his taste in hard water fish. He received his Ph.D. in Developmental Neurobiology from the University of Oregon in 1986. In 2005 he opened Liquid Sunshine Tropical Fish, a specialty retail store in Eugene. In 2010 he became the Curator of Living Collections, Aquarist, at the North Carolina Museum of Natural Sciences. He has been a member of the boards of the Greater Chicago Cichlid Association, the Greater Portland Aquarium Society, the Cascade Cichlid Club, the Dry Wash Cichlid Club, the Lane County Aquarium Society, and the American Cichlid Association, where he has served as Secretary of the BOT, as a member of the Jordan Endowment Fund and Membership Committees, chaired the Nominations Committee, edited the Trading Post, and served as Managing Editor of the Buntbarsche Bulletin Over the years he has spoken for numerous aquarium clubs in the United States, including Greater Portland A.S., Kitsap A.S., Seattle A.S., Southern Colorado A.S., Sacramento A.S., Ohio Cichlid Association, Texas Cichlid Association, Louisville Tropical Fish Fanciers, as well as the clubs to which he has belonged. Programs: