Johnson, Larry

Larry was first introduced to Lake Malawi cichlids in the early 70’s and since then has never been without them in his fish room.  Eventually the fish room was consumed by the fish from this lake, and he has been keeping and breeding Lake Malawi fish for over 35 years. “Tropical fish are a full-time job for me.  I presently run 60 various sized aquariums at home (and expanding) and manage a large fish room for “Big Al’s” Aquarium Services in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada.”  Larry has been importing Lake Malawi cichlids from the lake since April 2006, bringing into Canada a lot of old favorite and newly-discovered species and color varieties. In August 2009. Larry traveled to Lake Malawi for the ninth time, where he spent 2 months woking on a Cichid Conservation Project installing anti-netting devices (Ands) in conjunction with the Stuart M. Grant Conservation Fund at the Maleris Island.  Including in the trip wasa Cichlid Survey of the local fish around the Maleris Islands! Larry had an article published in Cichlid News on Mylochromis, and was given credit by Ad Konings for discovering the “Interesting Feeding Behaviour in Sciaenochromis freyeri”. (Cichlid News, January 2005) and (Malawi Cichlids in their Natural Habitat 4th Edition) and also for photgraphing, for the first time, a new species, Lethrinops sp. ‘mbenju roundhead’, Mbenji Island. (Malawi Cichlids in ther Natural Habitat 4th Edition). Larry frequents his local fish clubs (Hamilton & District Aquarium Society), often as a speaker.  He is an accomplished underwater photographer and scuba diver, and has spent a lot of time underwater in the lake photgraphind the fish in their natural habitat.  In his spare time (?) he moderates several fish forums, while participating in several others, posting picture from his trips and helping out “newbies” in the cichlid hobby. Programs: Swimming with Cichlids Lake Malawi Safari 2016 Swimming with Cichlids – Lake Malawi 2009 Lake Malawi