Kamen, Bobbie

Bobbie is an enthusiastic “backyard beekeeper” who practices the art of beekeeping in Hadley, MA. She started beekeeping 6 years ago in the hopes of better fruit production for their blueberry and raspberry bushes and peach and apple trees.   A dedicated and passionate hobbyist, she continues to learn about and pursue good management practices to ensure that the bees will thrive and serve their crucial and vital role in the quality and quantity of most fruits and vegetables we all eat.  She is a member of the Franklin County Beekeepers Assoc. and attends workshops throughout the state. In addition to harvesting honey, she uses the beeswax from her hives to make beeswax hand creams and lip balms. Bobbie and her husband Gary Kamen also own and run Mount Warn er Vineyards, an artisanal local vineyard and winery in Hadley, MA where they make hand-crafted wines from their hand -tended vines.   Programs: Honey Bees