Koops van ‘t Jagt, Hans

Otherwise known as Discus Hans, this gentleman is a Dutch Discus breeder who has been active in Discus breeding since 1982. In he interent contests which were held from 1997 until 2000, Discus Hans was chosen to be the best Discus breeder worldwide. In 2002, Hans became the Dutch distributor of “Stendker” Discus.  Stendker has the largest Discus hatchery in Europe, and fo 40 years has been highly respected for top quality fish.  With an appearance at the 2003 ACA convention in Cincinnati, Discus Hans and the Stendker Discus surprised everyone.  “This quality has not been seen for years in the USA” was one of the remarks! In 2004 Hans took a big step in his life.  He quite his regular job and became Senior Promotional Sales Manager of Discuszucht Stendker Germany.  Now residing in Baltimore, his special mission is to proote these high quality German-bred Discus in the USA.  Discus Han’s website is www.discus-hans-usa.com. Programs: Hans and his Discus Raising Discus