Larsen Sr., Bob

A mentor and legend in the NJ hobby, Bob is celebrating over 50 years as an aquarist.  Although he has kept and bred many fish including Corydoras, Bettas, and Angelfish over the years, the guppy caught his interest and he centered his hobby around this diverse fish.  Tutored by guppy greats Arnold Sweeney and Louis Rexfordon, Bob began showing on the national circuit in 1975.  He was ranked #1 in Breeder Males, Half-Black Veils, and Half-Black Pastels for 2005, and his pastel strains are world reknowned.  he sells many of the fancy guppy color strains he breeds in the 120 tanks he maintains in his home. He and his wife Pat owned and operated a pet store for almost 15 ears and were awarded Life Memberships in the North Jersey Aquarium Society.  Bob was a speaker at the American Livebearer Association convention in 2006 and now brings his expertise on guppies to the NEC with a program entitled “Guppies Then & Now.” Programs: Guppies Then and Now Moving Your Fish Room Maintainig a Strain Heating Packs for Shipping Fish Shipping Fish