Lee, Caitlin

Caitlin Lee has a deeply rooted passion for marine life. Her first job was at a local fish store scrubbing aquariums and befriending moray eels. As a regular blogger on popular online reef-centric publications, her writings have covered a wide range of aquatic subjects. Caitlin moderated a video web series that brought together industry leaders to discuss many important topics. Her passion for the aquarium trade has led her to Quality Marine, where she creates media that highlights their industry leading commitment to sustainability through captive breeding and net-collected fishes. Caitlin currently operates Reef Musings, a blog devoted to covering the beauty and mystery of the ocean.  MACNA 2017 Topic: The Importance of Captive Breeding and the Future of our Hobby Addressing matters such as the definition of captive breeding, why it’s important and what the benefits are, what you personally can do to support such efforts and so forth. As easily as reproduction occurs in the wild, it’s certainly not an easy feat in captivity, and I hope to shed light on some of the hurdles we are currently facing, as well proven techniques and exciting breakthroughs that have yet to make it to public outlets. I’m happy to participate in an open question and answer session after the talk to discuss and engage with my fellow hobbyists!