Lewis, Bob

Bob Lewis has over 35 years of experience breeding and raising tropical fsh. He is currently Vice President of the International Fancy Guppy Association and has held other positions within the organization as well.  Having joined the IFGA approximately 25 years ago and having obtained his judging credentials in the early 1990s, he is no a member of their judging board which establishes and maintains the show standards, among other things, for the IFGA. In 2009 he achieved the level of “Master Breeder” withing the IFGA, becoming the 10th person to receive this designation in ther 50+ year history.  Additionally, he has wond the “Grand Male Overall Championship,” which designates the top breeder, in three consecutie years, becoming only the second person to have ever reached this accomplishmnet.  In show competition, he has won first place in more than 40 different color classes with fish he developed.  He has built three fish rooms over the years and currently maintains over 200 tanks at his home in Rhode Island. Programs: Raising and Breeding IFGA Show Guppies