Lohuis, Holly

Holly Lohuis is a marine biologist with a degree from the University of California in Santa Barbara and for more than a decade has explored the world with Jean-Michel Cousteau and his team.  A key member of the expedition team for the PBS series “Jean-Michel Cousteau Ocean Adventures,” Holly acts as a liaison between the team and scientists, and is responsible for confirming  the factual accuracy of Ocean Futures Society documentaries and publications.  Also a marine educator, she has taught thousands of children and adults about the wonders and fragility of the marine environment and the importance of protecting our water planet for future generations. Holly has been a marine educator for almost 20 years.  Under the guidance of Jean-Michel Cousteau, all the films and educational programs with which she has been involved at Ocean Futures Society have a consistent theme: to connect the ocean to the existence and lifestyle of every human being.  This is the only way for people to understand that the quality of each and every one of our lives depends upon a healthy, productive marine environment.  Jean-Michel’s late father, Jacques Cousteau, used to say, “People protect what they love.”  Through her global travels and amazing encounters with many different marine species, Holly’s passion is transmitted through her stories of adventure and exploration.  She helps children to fall in love with the ocean and share the critical message that we are all part of the web of life.  As her boss and mentor says, “Protect the ocean and you protect yourself.” Programs: