Mariani, Craig

Craig Mariani began his study of koi health in 1994 and progressed through educational seminars, comprehensive literature within educational book media, numerous articles in koi publications, and extensive online self-edification. He has throughout the years “learned what works for him  and what does not”. Craig started keeping koi in 1994; his first koi was a $40.00 platinum Ogon who lived for 14 years and he still has his second koi purchased in 1997, a beautiful female Showa. Craig secured his web domain in 1995 and started his business, Butterfly Koi,  soon thereafter in 2000. Presently, Craig has an inventory of over 300 koi. With Craig’s 20 years of experience, some of them resulting in what, at that time, Craig felt were major mistakes on his part, has resulted in what he categorized as “experiences that he has greatly benefited from”. Being koi keepers in the  northeast can be especially challenging! Programs: Koi health / What to Have on Hand